Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy provides you with the details about the information collection sources and how it might be used. It also tells how you can contact us.

We are putting our efforts in keeping your and your family’s information safe. When a user comments, the name, contact details, date of birth for lawful purpose can be collected. In addition to this, technical information like your device’s IP address, device id, app id etc. will also be collected. If, in any case, you mention us on other platform like Facebook, Twitter etc.

your account information will be collected. For your queries regarding that how long your information will be kept, in that case, we will keep it safe as long as we have a valid reason.

We use cookies in order to make things easy to you. These cookies help us to assist you to operate for example suggesting you an emoji while commenting.

You can ask us to modify your personal information.

You can ask a copy of your information shared and even unsubscribe.

We are free to update our privacy policy. You will be informed in that case. If you disagree, stop using our services.

You have the right to contact us. These modes can be used.

  1. By Email
  2. By Post
  3. Office address